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Poppets & Gris-Gris Balls

Now, I know some of you are going to say that you would never use poppets (probably better known as "Voodoo dolls") in any form of magick. However, these little dolls have been used since ancient times for much more than what Hollywood portrays. Poppets are often used in healing spells, with the doll taking the place of the actual patient for ritual purposes. Poppets can, of course, be made and used for negative magick, but Mama stays as far away from those, both the making of them and the using of them, as possible. This is just her personal preference.

The same thing applies to Gris-Gris Balls, with their beneficial uses being buried by the Hollywood ideas of what they should be. However, these, as with any magickal item, can be made for positive or negative with the end use being determined solely by the user.

Poppets can be used for almost any kind of ritual spellwork. They are used to represent the "person" involved when it is impossible for the person to be present for the ritual, or if the ritual is a lengthy one and it would be inconvenient for the person to be present. Instructions will be given for appropriate use when these are ordered. They can be ordered just as the poppet alone, or as a kit which will include oil or tincture and incense for the ritual.

Gris-Gris Balls can be used for virtually any kind of ritual spellwork. Mama makes these in different ways. Some are made mainly of herbs, others are made from wax, and still others with feathers. It all depends on the use and the reading that Mama does prior to making them for you. These balls are passed through incense and anointed with oil to dedicate them for a specific use. The majority of balls can be hung in the business or in the house for 3 to 6 months before discarding and replacing with a fresh ball. Some balls need only be rededicated to their purpose every few weeks.

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