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Incense & Powders

Anyone who has had much of anything to do with rituals and magick will be familiar with incense. Powders are not as common, but many people have used them as well.

The incense is powdered, loose and meant to be burned on charcoal. This is NOT the charcoal you would use for your barbeque, but rather self-igniting charcoal that you can usually find at your religious goods store or pagan or new age shops. Some are coloured, others are not, but they are all made from powdered herbs selected for the magickal purpose for which they are to be used.

Powders can be used for applying to your body, to candles (by rolling the candle in oil and then in the powder), by sprinkling inside or outside the house for various purposes, or by sprinkling around candles and/or on the altar to enhance the power and vibrations necessary for the spellwork you are doing. Specific instructions will be given with the incense and/or powder as to the appropriate method of use.

Magickal Purposes

Psychic PowersPsychic Protection


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