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Mama Yasmini's Place


Eye Pillow, Dream Pillow & Sachet Cases
Bath and Charm Bags

Our products are made by hand by a real live person - not mass produced. The pillow and sachet cases are made with approximately 1-1/2" to 2" opening for you to stuff these items with your own herbal blends and then stitch closed. The bags have cord-like drawstrings which we try to match to the fabric, but which, if not matched, will complement the colour(s) in the bags. We will take special orders - such as sizes not listed below. However, on these special orders, the minimum order must be at least 2 dozen of one size or type of item. We also sell the pillows and sachets already filled with your choice of herbs.

At the present time, we only stock cotton in solid colours and muslin in the following shades although more will be added if requested:

Yellow - Pale & Bright
Pink - Pale & Hot
Green - Light & Deep
Blue - Pale & Bright
Red - Bright & Deep
Grey - Light & Dark

If you want your own signature fabric for your company, you may purchase this yourself and send it to us to be made up for you. Your fabric will not be used for anyone but you, and scraps of fabric will be returned if all fabric is used, or you will be told how much material we have left here for you if your order does not use up all the fabric you sent. A discount will be allowed on prices where you have supplied your own fabric.

If you are interested in any of these items - either just one or in quantities for your own business - please contact Mama Yasmini for prices.

Eye Pillow Cases - #EP1 - Finished - 4"X9"

Dream Pillow Cases (lg) - #DPLG - 10"X10"

Dream Pillow Cases (sm) - #DPSM - 7"X7"

Sachet Cases (lg) - #SCLG - 5"X5"

Sachet Cases (sm) - #SCSM - 3"X3"

Charm Bags - #CB - 3"X2-1/2"

Bath Salts Bags - #BSB1 - 5"X3-1/2"

Soap Bags - #SB1 - 6"X4"

All sizes are approximate. Sample are available of any of the above made out of scrap material for $1.00 to cover handling and shipping charges.

Shipping via USPS or CP
Shipping is included with orders of 1 dozen or more
Shipping on single cases = $0.50

Checks/cheques or money orders MUST be in US funds only and be made payable to E. Anderson. Please check Mama Yasmini's Place for more complete details on ordering products and exchange when paying in Canadian funds.

If you have ideas for other products you would like to have, please write: Mama Yasmini (putting STITCHERY in the subject line) or by snail mail to E. Anderson, 43 - 6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC, V3L 1T3, Canada

Ritual Robes & Cloaks

Some of the patterns that are available to be made into robes and cloaks are from Atira's Fashions and you can see some of them at the following sites:

Alesandre's Ahayeh (AF24)

Phaedra's Egyptian Caftan (AF25)

Farida's Folk Chemise (AF28)

Cemiyeh's Caftain (AF29)

Duriyya's Djellaba (AF30)

Badawla's Burnous (AF31)

Abdul's Galliblya (AF32)

While some patterns may be a 1-size-fits-all type, they will be adapted to suit your height and weight if you include measurements with your order. These measurements should be from the nape of the neck to the floor (or your instep or ankle if you wish). Other measurements should include wrist to wrist across the back of your shoulders, bust, waist and hip measurements. You must also state the type of material you wish us to use to make the garment. Prices will be quoted on the basis of the type of fabric and the specific style of garment you choose.

#R1 - Robes - plain
#CL1 - Cloaks - plain - no hood, no lining
#CL2H - Cloaks - hood - no lining
#CL3L - Cloaks -lined - no hood
#CL4 LH - Cloaks - lined with hood
Robes (#RE2) & Cloaks (#CLE5) - with embroidery - write with specifics of embroidery wanted and price will be quoted on that basis

These items are made "in circle" to ensure that no negativity makes its way into their creation. My own positive energy may go into the making of these items. They are not just cut and sewn together, but rather "created" for you. It is because of these extra steps that it sometimes takes a little longer and costs more to make these than it would for a similar creation just cut and sewn by anyone. In spite of the way these items are "created" for you, you should still dedicate your garments prior to wearing them. We would NEVER put anything, including energy, into anything we make that is not for the greater good. However, your own energy is important and should be incorporated into the garment prior to you wearing it.

If you are interested in having anything embroidered on the garments - such as pentacles or rune signs, please either send a sketch of what you want by snail mail, or point us to a site on the web that shows what you would like. You will then be quoted a dollar figure for the extra work. Embroidery does add time to the production time, but is completely done by hand - no sewing machine involved - and this type of work simply cannot be done overnight.

You purchase any extra materials (such as fasteners) you wish on the item. We supply the everything else. Sewing time is estimated at 1 week although more complicated designs and embroidery will take longer. You will be advised at the time of order just what our schedule is and estimated time of delivery.

Prices are in US funds. No order will be started without full payment being made and clearing our bank. There are no additional charges for postage. If you need the robe or cloak on an urgent basis, please add $100 to the purchase price and your order will be moved to the front of the list and will be completed on a priority basis.

Cheques or money orders MUST be in US funds only and be made payable to E. Anderson. If you have any questions about the ritual garments, you may write to Mama Yasmini (putting RITUAL GARMENTS in the subject line). If you have a specific pattern you would like us to use for your ritual garments, you can send the pattern (which will be returned to you whether you decide to go ahead or not) by snail mail to E. Anderson, 43 - 6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC, V3L 1T3, Canada or direct us to a site on the net where the pattern can be located and purchased or give us directions to a company which carries the pattern. In this latter case, as we would be purchasing the pattern, the specific pattern would not be returned to you.


We do NOT do counted cross-stitch but regular embroidery using either iron-on patterns or sketches. We can embroider designs on items you already own, or we can do designs of your choice on any number of other items such as altar cloths, pillows, rune bags, tarot card bags, or just about anything else.

We would request that you send a sketch of what you want embroidered to us along with your preferred colours. If the item can be found on-line and is not protected by copyright, then you can point us to the site where it can be found and we will let you know if it is possible for us to either download it or print it in order to replicate it for your project.

Because of the vastly different amount of work and time involved for various projects, we can only quote prices for these items once we know the simplicity or complexity of the design, size of the design, etc.

Cheques or money orders MUST be in US funds only and be made payable to E. Anderson. Contact Mama Yasmini (putting EMBROIDERY in the subject line) with any questions you may have or to point us to a site on the web where we can find the design you like. We will contact the owner of the web site where such designs are located to ensure they are not copyright protected. You may also send designs to E. Anderson, 43 - 6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC, V3L 1T3, Canada and include your e-mail address so that we may reply to you.


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