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Floorwashes & Sweeps

These are two more items that are not too familiar to modern witches. However, Mama feels they should be part of every magickal cupboard. These are coloured and scented mixtures that you use when cleaning your home or business and they can even be used for the car. Cleanliness is important in all phases of magickal life. Negatives must be washed away before positives are brought in. This does not just apply to the body, altar and tools, but to every phase of our lives.

Floorwashes are used, as one would guess, to wash the floor. These washes are not just for floors. They can be used to wash your bathroom - tub, sink, counter, floor - and even your kitchen. I have known some witches who will use these washes even to wash the windows and some will even use them in the bath. They are perfectly safe for these uses since they are made of purely natural ingredients, mainly herbs. The best way to use these is to use an exorcism (if the negative vibes are really bad), purification or cleansing first, and then use the wash of your choice to bring in the positive energies you want after that.

Sweeps are used basically in the same way but they are usually powdered and their use restricted to outside or hardwood floors since these do stain. They can be used in the same way as you would use washes on the floor.

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