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Charm & Conjure Bags

Many people will say these are the same thing. Mama Yasmini likes to separate them. She likes to think of charm bags as little bags that you can carry with you at all times to bring all manner of good luck and protection to you. These can be made up for you, or you can just have a bag made up, with or without an embroidered magickal symbol (such as your birth sign) on it, and Mama will start the bag with something lucky for you - usually a specific herb.

Conjure bags, also known as mojo, ouanga, wanga or medicine bags, she believes are to be used for a specific purpose. This could be a healing, or to bring love, or for protection against a specific thing. She thinks of these as "spell" bags while the charm bags are basically all-purpose talismans. These bags come complete with contents for the purpose you have requested and any instructions necessary for their use.

All the bags, no matter what the purpose or what you care to call them, are handmade by Mama. They are drawstring bags so that you can add items to the bags if you wish. They come in a variety of colours with the charm bags usually being of a colour compatible with your birth sign, and the conjure bags being of a colour compatible with the purpose it is to serve. You can check for more details on these products at Stitchery.

Prior to using your bag, it should be anointed with oil and passed through incense to dedicate it only to use and the use for which it is meant. A small bottle of oil and a single use of incense will be included with the bags. Some bags are to be anointed at specific times to reinforce their purpose, other need not be. However, should anyone else touch "your" charm or conjure bag, you should always cleanse it in incense and anoint it with oil again to rededicate it to you and to the purpose it is meant to serve.

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