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Bath Products

Although some of the bath products here are not an "essential" part of pagan rituals, bathing is an essential part. Whether preparing for a ritual or doing a cleansing after a ritual, bathing in itself is often considered a ritual itself. Using "magickal" bath products is just one way to add to the power of your bath.

Mama Yasmini's bath products are made in the same manner as all her products - in ritual with the appropriate energy and power put into them along with the herbs, oils and colours. They are mixed by hand in individual batches to meet the specific needs of the person who has requested them. When ordering, please let Mama know if you are allergic to any particular plant or oil, since these products are to be used on the skin and she does not want to cause anyone any problems. There are many herbs that can be substituted for each other without affecting the energy of the blends.

Bath salts are packaged with a single use in a cloth bag that you can either hang on the faucet and let the water run through, or just toss into the bath, or if you normally take showers instead of baths, it can either be hung from the shower head allowing the salts to flow over your entire body or they can be held in your hand and scrubbed over the body. If the last method is used, the scrubbing should take place after you have soaped and rinsed and just before you step out of the shower. The number of baths included in an order will depend on the specific purpose they are intended for. There may be as few as 3 bath or as many as 9. The additional baths, beyond the one that is packaged in the bag, will come in a plastic bag. The usual amount of salts to be used is approximately 2 tablespoons per bath.

Herbal baths are also packaged with a single use in a cloth bag and more herbs for additional baths being sent in paper bags. They are used in the same manner as the bath salts with about a handful of herbs being used for a single bath. If you prefer to take showers, please let Mama know when you order this product because it may alter the type of fabric used for the bag, depending on the types of herbs to be included. After all, she does not want you to wind up with scratches all over you from rubbing your body with herbs.

Soaps are another tool to enhance your magickal baths. They are not essential items, but since you use soap anyway, why not use a homemade ritual soap that has none of the chemicals of the commercial soaps. Mama makes her soaps the old fashioned way - the way your grandmother or great-grandmother made theirs. The oils used in the soaps are essential oils only, extracted from herbs with no chemicals added. Herbs may or may not be added to different soaps to enhance their power. Having magical soaps available can be especially convenient if you take showers instead of relaxing in the tub since with the ritual soaps, you do not have to worry if you do not like to use bath salts or herbal baths.

Needless to say - at least to pagans - all rituals, whether they be baths or candle and incense burning, should be done with visualization. When asking for healing, visualize yourself being healthy; when asking for love, visualize yourself in love with a wonderful man; when asking for business success, visualize your business full of happy and satisfied customers; and so on. Visualization is a very important part of the magickal/ritual process.

Another reminder, although this will be unnecessary for most people, is that you must make sure you clean the bathtub before and after your baths. This is particularly important if you are not the only person who uses the bath. To do this in the most natural way, Mama recommends you use baking soda and a clean cloth. If you take a ritual bath in an unclean tub, it will not have the desired effect. And, as for cleaning the tub after your bath, especially if you share the bath facilities with others, you do not want the residual effects of your bath affecting others. This is especially important if you are taking a cleansing bath since the residual negatives can be left in the tub.

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