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Mama Yasmini's Place

Magickal Garden - "R"
with Plants named in
Scott Cunningham's
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
from Llewellyn Pubishing

HE530 - Raspberry Leaves (Rubus idaeus) - Cut/Powdered - $4.00/ounce

Raspberries are used in protection and love magick. The branches (brambles) are protective. The fruits promote love when eaten and the leaves can be carried by pregnant women and are said to alleviate the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

HE580 - Senega Snake Root (Polygala senega) - Cut/Powdered - $5.00/ounce

Also known as Rattlesnake root, this can be added to herbal baths for protection. It can also be used to lead one to money. Some Native Americans carried this root as a protection against snakebite.

CM355 Da-Huant (Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum)

Also known as Chinese Rhubarb, this plant is used to improve digestion, stimulate the uterus and is used as a laxative. Leaves are toxic. 20 seeds $1.95

HE544 - Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum) - Cut/Powdered - $5.00/ounce

Any Rhubarb species can be used for protection and fidelity purposes.


HR183 Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

This tender perennial is often grown as an annual. It likes well drained soil treated with lime and partial sun. Medically, it is often used to ease nervousness and induce sleep, and the aromatic leaves and stems are used in the kitchen to flavor meats and sauces. This is an excellent addition to potpourri. Magickally, Rosemary is pretty well the ultimate in all-purpose herbs. It should be part of any magickal pantry. It is used for protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep and youth purposes. It can also be substituted for any other herb - the only herb that can be used in this way. 50 seeds $1.75

HR187 Rue (Ruta graveolens)

This plant has been highly regarded since ancient times. It is a perennial that grows to about 3' with erect branching stems that bear aromatic, blue-green, alternate leaves. There are clusters of bright yellow flowers during June and July that are about 1/2" across with green centers. Rue was used in the early Roman Empire to as a remedy for more than 80 ailments. In the 1st century, Pliny reported that it preserved eyesight. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was used as an antidote for all kinds of poisos. It was also used in the Middle Ages in nosegays or tussie-mussies to keep away lice from beggars. It is used magickally for health, exorcism and love purposes, as well as for blends to clear and increase mental powers. In addition to the above uses from ancient times, Rue can be used in all manner of healing spells and rituals from using it in herbal baths and incense to stuffing it in poppets. It's also used to clear negativity and to break curses and spells. It will not only protect your garden and home, but also make your garden just a little more beautiful. 50 seeds $1.75

HE551 - Rue Herb (Ruta graveolens) - Cut/Powdered - $4.00/ounce