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Mama Yasmini's Place

Magickal Garden - "Q"
with Plants named in
Scott Cunningham's
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
from Llewellyn Pubishing

HE517 - Quassia Chips (Quassia amara/Simarouba excelsa) - Cut/Powdered - $2.00/ounce

This is a tropical American shrub or small tree that grows to 25' with showy spokes of crimson flowers that can be up to 2" long. It is grown in frost-free areas. The stem chips are used as a treatment for malaria, a digestive stimulant and as a medical to expel worms. However, it should be used cautiously for those purposes since it is also used as a poison in fly papers and a horticultural insecticide. In magickal practices, the powdered wood can be used as an incense base.