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This is the Free Meds Page
She Who Watches and Waits

Greetings All! Having recently found myself in the position of needing meds that I cannot at this time afford financially, nor afford physically to do without, I found this resource that I would like to share with those of you who may ike to have it. Plese feel free to share it with others. I feel this is a valuable resource.

Here's how it worked for me. My doctors office called the number listed for the manufacturer of the meds I needed. The company then requird the doctor to send in, on office stationery, a statement from the doctor stating that I needed the medicine, had no insurance or other means to pay for the meds, and also had the doctor include a perscription for the meds. The company then sent the doctors office a three month suupply of the meds for me. I picked the meds up from the doctors office. Took about two months to get the meds. But well worth the wait.

According to the person I spoke with at the drug manufacturing company, you may have you prescription refilled for as long as need be. I do not know if this is the pllicy for all the manufactures in the program, or only the policy of the one I used.

To have the prescription refilled, you must again have your doctor contact the manufacturer, and go thru the procedure once more.

Each company may have a littl different procedure

Here is an address to write to for a booklet with the same information listed, with a little more detail. This booklet is an excellent resource reference for support groups.
PHRMA Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 1100 Fifteenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005

I have found it to be of immense value. Hope this helps someone. Blessings - Selene

Pharmacy Programs

Free medications are sometimes available from the pharmaceutical manufacters. Prescription medications are available to patients who do not have the means to pay for them and meet eligibility criteria for these services. Some of the manufacters are as follow:

Allergan Prescription 800-347-4500Alza Pharmaceuticals 415-962-4243
Amgen, Inc. 800-272-9376Astra USA, Inc. 800-488-3247
Berlex 800-423-7539Boehringer Ingleheim 203-798-4131
Bristol Myers Squibb 800-736-0003Burroughs-Wellcome 800-722-9294
Ciba Pharmaceuticals 800-257-3273Eli-Lilly 317-276-2950
Genetech, Inc. 800-879-4747Glaxo, Inc. 800-452-7677
Hoechst-Roussel 800-776-5463Hoffman-Larouche 800-526-6367
Ici-Stuart 302-886-2231Immunex Corp. 800-321-4669
Janssen 800-253-3682Johnson & Johnson 800-447-3437
J&J (Janssen) 908-524-9409Knoll 800-526-0710
Lederle 800-526-7870Marion Merrel Dow 800-362-7466
McNeil Pharmaceut. 800-682-6532Merck Human Health 800-672-6372
Miles 800-998-9180Ortho Pharmaceuitcals 800-682-6532
Parke-Davis 202-540-2000Pfizer, Inc. 800-646-4455
Pharmacia, Inc. 800-795-9759Proctor & Gamble 800-448-4878
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer 610-454-8298Roche Labs 800-285-4484
Roxane Labs 800-274-8651Sandoz 800-937-6673
Sanofi Winthrop 800-446-6267Schering Labs 800-521-7157
Searle 800-542-2526Serono 617-982-9000
Smithkline Beecham 800-546-0420Survanta Lifeline 800-922-3255
Syntex Labs 800-822-82553M Pharmaceuticals 800-328-0255
UpJohn Co. 800-242-7014Wyeth-Ayerst 703-706-5933
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 800-424-372

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