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PaganCrafts Candle Recipes

On this page, are specific recipes for making candles, magickal and mundane. If any of you candlemakers have special oil blends for your candles, or special mixes - like "Crisco candles" - that you are willing to share, please post them to the list.

[pagancrafts] Magickal Candles
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 15:08:32 -0800
From: Crone
Organization: Mama Yasmini's Place

You can make magickal candles by either adding powdered herbs or oils to the wax before pouring, by drilling a hole(s) in a pillar candle, filling it/them with the appropriate oils, or by anointing or rubbing the outside of the candle with the appropriate oils. The last is best for taper candles. With tapers, when a combination of herbs/oils is recommended you can rub the candle with oil and then roll it in powdered herbs. In the long distant past, I made candles by adding powdered herbs and/or oil to the wax before pouring. More recently, I annoint the candle and often also roll the oiled candle in herbs.

You can use just the straight oils that you have made for different purposes that I posted before, such as success, love, money, etc. But, occasionally, when I really want to add a little extra power to what I'm doing, I like to use the oil/powdered herb process.

Here are some combinations I've used in the past.

For love, I've used pink or red for the candle, and then used vervain and passion flower - oil combination or oil and powdered herb - again, depending on what I have available. Or add apinch of vervain to Love oil and then anoint the candle with the oil.

For healing, I use eucalyptus oil and powdered blessed thistle with a light blue candle. Or use Healing oil and blessed thistle.

For money, I have used thyme, clover and bayberry with a green candle. Since bayberry herb is not one I use for many things, I usually use bayberry oil and then mix powedered thyme and clover and roll the candle it. Or use Fast Luck oil and thyme.

For success in whatever I undertake, I use cinnamon, cinquefoil and Irish moss with an orange candle. With this, it's usually the cinnamon oil I use and then a mixture of the powdered cinquefoil and Irish moss. Or, I will add a few Grains of Paradise to Van-Van oil and anoint the candle with the oil.

For increased psychic power, use a purple candle use anise and mugwort. Or use Spirit oil with anise seed.

For spiritual goals, use a white candle with anise and lavender. Or use Holy oil and mustard seed.

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