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Mama Yasmini's Place

Magickal Garden - "G"
with Plants named in
Scott Cunningham's
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
from Llewellyn Pubishing

HE266 - Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea) - Cut/Powder - $5.00/ounce

Gentian can be added to love baths and sachets. When added to incense for any purpose, it adds extra power to the incense.

HE154 - Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) - Whole/Cut/Powder - $2.75/ounce

Another multo-purpose root, Ginger can add extra power to any works you may perform when eaten just prior to the ritual. It is also used in love, money and success rituals, in addition to giving extra power to them. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow Ginger, it will attract money to your home.

CM220 - Ginseng (Panaz quinquefolia)

This perennial plant is known worldwide for its medicinal values and it grows well on forest floors throughout the world. It provides a vital elixir that improves health overall, along with vigor and longevity. Magickally, it is used in love, healing, beauty, protection and lust spells as well as in beauty rituals. 10 seeds $2.50

HE262 - Goat's Rue Herb (Galega officinalis) - Cut/Powdered - $3.00/ounce

This uncommon herb is used for healing and health rituals. Supposedly, placing some in your shoe is said to cure and prevent rheumatism.

HE280 - Goldenrod Herb (Solidago odora) - Cut/Powdered - $4.00/ounce

If you have hay fever, you should probably stay away from this herb. However, if you can use it, it can be excellent in rituals to attract money. It is also used in love divination works.

HE281 - Golden Seal Herb (Hydrastis canadensis) - Cut/Powdered - $10.00/ounce

HE749 Golden Seal Root (Hydrastis canadensis) - Cut/Powdered - $17.00/ounce

This plant is protected in many places however, there are some sources where you can purchase seeds, rootlets or plants. Although the plantis helpful in money and healing spells, Mama recommends that, unless you are unable to obtain the seeds or plant, you utilize other herbs for these purposes.

HE284 - Gotu Kola Herb (Hydrocotyl asiatica) - Cut/Powdered - $3.00/ounce

Besides the medical uses of this herb, it is also very useful in meditation incense. You can burn a small amount just prior to meditating.

8567 Calabaza Squash (Curcubita moschata)

This is a vigorous vine that can grow to 60'. A single vine can produce over 100 pounds of fruit which, when baked, tastes more like sweet potatoes than squash. All gourds from Curcubita species are used in magick, mainly for protection. You can hang them by your front door or carry a piece of the gourd with you. They can also be used to make rattles (by placing dried beans inside) either for ritual purposes or to use to scare off evil spirits. When you cut the top off a gourd, and fill it with water, it makes a great natural scrying bowl. 3 seeds $1.50

G029 Luffa/Washrag Gourd

This plant is offered because of many requests for it. The dried insides of the fruit make good sponges. These can also be used for keeping your magickal bath as natural as possible. Mama has also heard of people who use the luffa coarsely powdered in homemade soap to make an exfoliating scrub. 12 seeds $1.95

G205 Giant Water Ladle Gourd

Larger and faster growing than most gourds of this type. Harvest mature fruit, let shell dry, then coat with varnish and you have a great water laddle or decoration. 10 seeds $1.95

BG01 - Common Grapevine/Woodland Grape (Vitis spp.)

Grapes, once known as the fruit of the gods. These are potent plants. Pictures of grapes painted on garden walls, as in ancient Rome, to ensure fertility is only one way of utilizing this plant. They are also used for garden magick, to increase mental powers and to ensure the flow of money into your home or business. This is a wild form of grape that is found wild in many parts of the US and has a tart, delicious flavor. These plants are hardy to zone 5, possibly to zone 4. 20 seeds $2.50

HE287 - Ground Ivy Herb (Nepata glechoma) - Cut/Powdered - $4.00/ounce

The sole magickal purpose for ground ivy that is mentioned by Scott Cunningham is for divination - specifically to discover someone who is working negative magick against you.