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Mama Yasmini's Place

Pepper Garden

Peppers are great for a number of different magickal purposes. According to Scott Cunningham's book, Chili Peppers are good for hex-breaking, love and fidelity. And, Black Pepper is good for exorcisms and protection. There are more peppers than just the Chili and Black listed here, but then we can also use them for food, too.

Ornamental Peppers

G017 Edible Ornamental(Capsicum)

This is a compact variety that grows only 12-15" tall and is loaded with fire-hot, cone-shaped, miniature fruits. It makes a great houseplant for winter fruits. 20 seeds $1.95

9823 RainForest

This is a spectacular container plant from the rain forests of Central America. It displays a never-ending array of variegated foliage exhibiting shades of white, green and purple with no 2 leaves looking alike. It also features purple stems and blooms and bears loads of hot fruits that turn from deep purple to bright red when mature. 10 seeds, $2.50

Colored Bell Peppers

9824 Albino

This is a new color and taste for gourmet salads. This very early, sweet bell pepper stays white a long time before turning red. It produces medium-sized fruits with thick walls and good disease resistance on a dwarf bush which is suitable even for the far North. 75-80 days. 15 seeds $2.50

9825 Chocolate Beauty Hybrid

This is a gourmet cook's delight - medium to large, very smooth, 3- and 4-lobed fruits for a very unique chocolate look. These are extremely sweet and tasty. Immune to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 85 days. 15 seeds $2.50

VS430 European Mandarin Bell (Gourmet)

This plant bears deep pumpkin-orange 5" to 6" fruits which are exceptionally smooth with firm thick walls and a distinctive sweet flavor. They are quite different from other "bell-type" peppers. 10 seeds $2.50

VS450 Golden Boy

The mild, sweet fruits of this plant have very thick walls that start out a lime-green color and then change to a sunny gold color. 10 seeds $1.95

VS440 Lilac-Lavender Bell

This plant has mild-tasting 4-lobed fruits that change from ivory to purple to red with an amazing lilac hue in between. 10 seeds $1.95

Other Bell Peppers

VS460 Chinese Giant

This is a huge bell pepper that is almost un-equaled in size and flavor. Plants bears giant fruits that measure up to 6" across by 4-1/2" deep. They are rich green when young maturing to a dark cherry red with thick, sweet and mild meat. 20 seeds $1.95

G034 Giant Bell

You can stuff a whole meal in one of these delicious peppers!. This vigorous plant produces fruits up to 4" or more across which are also good for salads. 15 seeds $1.95

VS470 Miniature Bell

This small plant which only reaches 16" tall produces loads of miniature green bell peppers which are excellent for salads, stir-fry and hors d'oeuvres as the fruits only measure 1-1/2" across. 20 seeds $1.95

Hot Peppers

9825 Ancho 101

This plant bears medium-wall hot, dark green turning rust red fruit that is about 4" and blunt. 15 seeds $1.95

G014 Habanero

This is considered the hottest pepper available today. 15 seeds $1.95

GO50 Ortega Hot Chile

A product of the famous Ortega Chile Co., we have probably all tasted this fine pepper before. These large 7"x2" peppers offer a definite southwestern flavor and can be stuffed, grilled or roasted which makes them excellent for stews, sauces and pepper recipes. 20 seeds $1.95

VJ555 Paper Dragon

The perfect drying pepper for seasoning, this is the one seen hanging in dried bundles in most Chinatown shops. The taste is medium-hot, which is perfect for most soups and sauces. Dried peppers can be grounded into chile powder. 5 seeds $1.95

9826 Scotch Bonnet

VERY, VERY HOT! Considered by some to be even hotter that Habanero. The fruits turn from green to reddish pink. The plant is a heavy producer. 15 seeds $1.95

GO49 Tabasco

No table is completely set until it has some form of this fine flavorful pepper on it. Very vigorous plants, a single plant will probably supply you with all the peppers you need. 5 seeds $1.95

Other Peppers for Cooking, Grilling, Salads, and Pickling

GO52 Apple

That's right, a pepper that actually has a sweet fruity taste that reminds you of an apple (sort of). These plants bear small top-shaped fruits about 2" in diameter. 5 seeds $1.95

G039 Cuban Frying

This is the perfect pepper for preparing pepper and onion dishes. The peppers are yellow, tapered, up to 6" long and delicious. The plants are fast-growing and mature in 60-65 days. 25 seeds $1.95

VS500 Giant Aconcagua

These giant peppers have a flavor as sweet as apples. They are wonderful for gourmet cooks and can be used in stir-fry, roasted, or used in salads. The fruits can be up to 11" long and weigh up to 12 ounces. 20 seeds $1.95

VS540 Giant Chili Hybrid

What a pepper! This plant produces tremendous yields of mild green chiles that are bigger than anything else in its class. Huge 8 to 10" long fruits weigh up to 4 ounces with thick meaty walls and little pungency. They are delicious roasted, broiled, stripped or diced. They are early too with compact plants and the fruits mature to red color. 20 seeds $1.95

G051 Giant Red Cayenne

This is the perfect cayenne, only bigger! It is a large bush-type pepper with long tapered fruits. The peppers are thin-skinned for easy processing. 20 seeds $1.95

VS510 Paprika Supreme

This is a specialty pepper for making paprika. Mildly pungent, the 7" long fruits are bred to dry fast. 15 seeds $1.95

VS530 Peperoncino (Italian Gourmet)

This is the same exquisite little pepper you've seen pickled in gourmet shops. It is imported from Milan, Italy and produces abundant yields of thin, yellowish-green fruits 2 to 4" long that stay sweet until maturity. 20 seeds $1.95

VS520 Red "Horn of the Bull" (Italian Gourmet)

This heirloom pepper is imported from Italy and produces deep, rich red fruits 8 to 10" long that are slightly curved like a bull's horn. They are perfect in salads, grilled or sauteed. 25 seeds $1.95

VS480 Red Pimiento

This is the same pepper that is sold in small jars in supermarkets throughout the world. Sweet-tasting heart-shaped fruits mature from dark green to deep red and are ideal for salads, garnishes and canning. 40 seeds $1.95

VS550 Spanish Spice (Gourmet)

These peppers are enticingly flavorful and aromatic when grilled or fried. A European import, they look like a green chili pepper, but have a pleasing spicy taste rather than heat. The extra early fruits grow up to 7" and are excellent cooked or raw. 15 seeds $1.95

VJ545 Super Sugar Chile

These peppers are sweet and hot at the same time! They have thick, very sweet flesh that is great for roasting on the grill. The "hot" is in the interior ribs, so remove them if you want a milder pepper. The large fruits average 5" by 2". Very limited number of seeds. 5 seeds $1.95

VS490 Sweet Banana Supreme

This plant is an early producer of sweet banana peppers that measure up to 8" x 2" and are very sweet with smooth skin. 20 seeds $1.95


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