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PaganCrafts Exchange Page

This is a private page for PaganCrafts members only. If you want to participate in any exchange, please contact the list member privately. If you want to be added to the list, please send what you have to exchange and what you want to me and I will be happy to add you to the page.

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 17:33:08 EST
From: Kat WillowMoon

I am very interested in the crafts exchange,

I crochet and not certain what to put on the page....thing one for sure would be custom color crochet shoelaces....dishcloths, potholders, doily's coasters, afghans and such...

I would be will to trade for hand sewn items, wood crafts, or make me an offer....

Kat WillowMoon
Stockton, California
ICQ 16884806

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 13:28:36 PST
From: Nina Twitchell

I make dream catchers in all sizes. The 12 inch ones I would sell them for $15.00, the 8 inch for $10.00 and the 3 inches for $6.00. I do extrememly detailed webs and incorporate crystals and beads with them.



Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:16:43 EST
From: Lynda

I do painted wood pieces from a 7" Angel that says "Angels are sometimes disguised as ......Mothers or Grandmothers or Teachers or Nurses, etc. Real Cute, to Larger Santa that says "Just Say Ho". Lots of different wood pieces My retail prices on these run from $5 to $20.
A tall "Powder Room" Doll done with different colors curly hair and towels. She is about 20'" tall. Retails $20.
Some quilted table runners, pillows, etc. all different retails. My prices aren't much more than $20 on any of my crafts.
My large stuffed "time out" doll is great. My best-seller. Do tons of special orders on them. Would do special order for boy, girl, color of hair, etc. if someone wants to trade that. She retails for $40.
I don't think retail values of crafts will be that much of an issue as long as they are in this range, do you? It's gonna be great fun, no matter. Looking forward to it. Won't you let us know what kind of crafts the rest of you have?

The only crochet I do is a double or single crochet stitch, and I'm limited in that. Wouldn't mind getting something in that line, for example.

Lynda in FL

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:46:52 -0800
From: Dogwood/Randi

Let's see ...

I knit. I can do facecloths, mittens, fingerless gloves (with or without mitten caps), mini-mittens, Yule stockings, baby sweaters, and caps for anyone from a preemie to an adult. I can also probably do small bags that would be suitable for Tarot/rune storage, etc. I do not do intricate colorwork, such as fairisle, but I can do simple multicolor designs such as entrelac (looks like basketwoven diamonds), stripes, colorblocks, etc. I can also do reasonably intricate stitch design, such as ribbing, lace, cables, etc. I'm not extremely fast, but if I commit to make something I can probably have it delivered within a month. (You'll notice I'm not offering to make anything large, like an adult sweater!)

What I want: I would love to have a new dreamcatcher, especially if I could choose colors, stones, etc. I also love nice-smelling candles and soaps, and stained-glass pentagrams (though I don't know if anyone on this list makes those!) Oh, and I like jewelry too! Just about the only thing I wouldn't be interested in would be tole painting -- it reminds me of my mom (long story).

Randi (Dogwood is my Pagan name; you can call me either that, or Randi, or Miranda. :-)

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 18:57:10 EST
From: Christine

I'm really interested in participating in your exchange page---it's very nice of you to set this up!

I have homemade toiletries---soap, lotions, bath salts, and milk baths.

I would be interested in anything "herb-y"---flavored vinegars, sachets, dream pillows, etc.---and also candles.


Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 18:26:48 EST
From: Sandi

What I have: lotion bars packaged in deodorant containers in several fragrances soap, cold processed, in several varieties dream pillows made from hand dyed silk (these are kind of small, can be used as eye pillows)

What I don't do that I would love to have: knitted and crocheted stuff...I want those miniature mittens!! wood crafts anything else, even to trade soap so I can see how others are doing theirs

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