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Pam Fath, Laurel Creek Goats

HAVE: soap - baby, cucumber, m&p.

WANT: EO's in lavender, patchouli, tea tree, lemon.

Pat Thompson - Patti's Pleasures

HAVE: Stearine for Candles and Wire Wick, all 3 sizes - You can see my supples at Patti's Pleasures

WANT: any type of f/o....... I am addicted :)

Sandy in Durham, NC - Soap-Maker Extraordinaire, Mad Crocheter & Feline Fancier :)

HAVE: Crochet

WANT: citric acid. And a semi-regular source of cheap natural beeswax sheets. (ooo, and maybe some shea butter, too... I am also looking for Caster oil. (for now!)

Patti in MD aka Whitewolf

HAVE: Candles, bath products, oils, pine cones, lots of duck/goose feathers, dried rose petals, web development, web hosting (including custom guestbook, wwwboard, free-for-all links, mail forms, counters.. etc), email aliases, toiletries books, and lots more.. just ask! And check out my pages at: Whitewolf's Lair

WANT: Citric acid, salts, oils, essential oils, candle scents and colors, beeswax, wicks, wick tabs, molds, dried herbs (lavender chamomile, etc) cocoa butter, bottles and jars (cobalt blue, amber, etc), unique glass containers for candles, lots of unique soaps, books, services... almost anything really.

Betty Ott

HAVE: Crocheted facial, wash and dish cloths. All cotton yarn. Many shapes, sizes and colors.
Large (over 9" in size)
Small (all under 9")
Also crocheted bath puffs (like the nylon ones except crocheted) any color.


Herbal Hugs, Wendy - Sadie Scarecrow's Herbal Garden

HAVE: gads and gads of soap to barter. Hundreds and hundreds of bars. Check out web page for the "31 flavours" at Sadie Scarecrow's Herbal Garden These are big bars, 5.2-5.5 ounces. (Retail value $4.00 per bar) Also soap scrub bags. These are made out of a washcloth, and they come "stuffed" with shredded soap, and come with a refill zip-lock bag of shredded handmade soap. They sell for $4.00

There will be more, but many of the items I'm carrying are not set up for shipping: ie, glass-too heavy and breakable, etc. etc.

Coming soon:
Hand lotion bars in white plastic deodorant roll-up containers (Handy to carry in pocket or purse)
Lip balms in red and white roll-up chapstick tubes in assorted flavors.

WANT: just about anything. I am addicted to hand crafted items. I would LOVE some crotched washcloths!


HAVE: Sweet William seeds in red and pale pink. I can do scherensnitte if anyone wants. I have soap.


Jan Schmidt - Auntie Jan's Herbs & Botanicals 'Herb Garden Delights, Herbal Soaps & Sundries made right!'

HAVE: Go to my webpage Auntie Jan's Herbs & Botanicals and see if I have anything you might want then e-mail me and we will work it out.


Max & Rita Richards - Kelsei's Creations

HAVE: Orange Essential Oil

WANT: any other essential oil or fragrance oil.

Louise Storkey - The Green Cottage

HAVE: bath bombs giant 6 oz heart shaped or ball shaped ones; A wonderful Salt Glow to rid of your body's toxins (similar to bath slats but for the shower)made from all natural herbs, EO's, sweet almond oil and soap. Also M&P base and other soapmaking supplies. Can check out the supplies page at The Green Cottage to see if there may be anything you need? Didn't mean it to sound like an advert, just a lot of stuff there.

WANT: tole painting craft decor for my house and maybe a large soap mold?

xxoo Lorri

HAVE: Rubberstamp and scrapbooking supplies - acid free paper - inks - scented embossing powders - photo albums - rubberstamps - die cuts - etc.

WANT: melt and pour soap products - anything and everything connected.

If you have something that you want to barter, contact Carole/Mom/Crone and I'll put your info up here.