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Mama Yasmini's Place

Magickal Garden - "K"
with Plants named in
Scott Cunningham's
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
from Llewellyn Pubishing

HE356 - Kava-Kava Root (Piper methysticum) - Cut/Powdered - $10.00/ounce

This herb has been used for ages in Hawaiian and Polynesian rites. It is used for protection, luck and visions. However, it is made into a drink for these purposes and it should be noted that drinking too much of this can damage the kidneys. Mama uses the root in sachets and baths for the above purposes.

HE361 - Knot Grass (Polygonum aviculare) - Cut/Powdered - $4.00/ounce

Knotgrass or knotweed is used in healing spells to strengthen and protect the eyes. It is also used in many binding spells.