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Missing Friend

These are photographs of a friend, Duncan Gamble. He has also gone by the nickname "Teddy". We have not heard from him since September of 1993 when he said he was leaving New Jersey for Washington State. He is approximately 50 years of age. We have had a PI trying to locate him for almost 2 years now with no results. However, a friend did a SSN check and his SSN came back to an individual by the name of "Omar Bey" in PA. If anyone has any information as to whether this "Omar Bey" might in fact be Duncan "Teddy" Gamble, we would be very grateful for the information.

If anyone has seen Duncan "Teddy" Gamble or if you think you may know him and need more information, please contact me at Mama Yasmini, by FAX at (604) 580-1382 or tell him that his friends in WA and BC, Canada have been looking for him but they have moved since the last contact and both address and telephone number have changed. We would like to know if he is okay - in which case we can stop worrying; or if he needs help - in which case we would like the chance to help if possible.

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